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 Meet Our Team

Our experienced Black Belt instructors have completed  BBMA Certified Teacher Training, and hold Australian National Coaching Association (NCAS) qualifications and are members of the Australian Karate Federation - AKF

All BBMA staff are Working With Children (WWC) approved and receive regular ongoing training in First Aid, CPR, NSW government Child Safety and COVID-19 Infection Control procedures.

Sensei Michael

Sensei Michael has been training for over 12 years and is a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Karate and 1st Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing and Kobudo. He brings a passion for teaching and leadership, along with knowledge and enthusiasm to each class, providing guidance and inspiring our students to reach their full potential.


Sensei Michael knows better than anyone that it is never too late to start training in Martial Arts. Having never done any training growing up, He walked into his first Karate Class at the age of 38, and is now a triple Black Belt, Sensei and School owner. 


"The beauty of Martial Arts is that you can keep raising the bar for yourself and setting new goals. It doesn't stop once you get your Black Belt. 

My new goals are increasing my Dan levels and getting accreditation in refereeing and judging for Karate tournaments. 

But my main goal is to train my own students to reach and reset their own goals."

Tesshi Amber

Tesshi Amber is more than just a martial artist; she is a kind, compassionate mentor who has a passion for helping others become the best they can be. Through years of disciplined training and experience, Tesshi has achieved the rank of First Dan in Karate, Kickboxing & Kobudo gaining a well-respected reputation in the Martial Arts community. 


Tesshi believes that Martial Arts is a powerful tool that can be used to overcome obstacles, build self-confidence, and break through limiting beliefs. 


With her guidance and support, students of all levels can overcome their fears and reach their full potential. 


Tesshi's approach to Martial Arts training is compassionate, patient, and always customised to suit the individual needs of her students.


If you're looking to improve your self-discipline, increase your knowledge of Martial Arts, and become the best version of yourself, Tesshi Amber is the mentor you can count on.

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